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NT 113: The Beatitudes

                          - Dr. Ron Cottle

Description: This course provides an in-depth study of each of the profound declarations of Jesus to his disciples in Matthew 5. Each is analyzed for its eternal value to us today. 



OT214 Davidic Worship: The Tabernacle of David

                 - Dr. Paul Harthern

Description: A study of the Tabernacle of David with special emphasis upon praise and worship. The student will learn how to employ and enjoy the privilege and principles of Davidic worship. 


BT641 A Study of Faith and Religions

             - Dr. Stanley Fleming

Description: This course provides students with a knowledge of world religions and biblical Christianity. Distinguish religious strengths from weaknesses,break down doctrinal components, categorize and evaluate overriding motifs of each religion in comparison to biblical Christianity. 



HT608 The Nature and Dynamics of Revival

               - Dr. John Shiver

Description: Overview of revival throughout the history of the Church. Examines revival from the following perspectives: Church history as it relates to times of revival, a definition of what historical revival is, the necessity of revival in the Church, the dynamics of revival when it comes, and what the Church must do to cooperate with the revival that God is seeking to send in our generation.



PT125 The Praying Church

               - Dr. Sue Curran

Description: A study of God's purpose for corporate prayer in the church as demonstrated in Scripture. Topics include the principle of agreement, having the spirit of prayer, going over the wall, knowing He hears us, and the why, who and how of leading in corporate prayer. 



PT540 A Study of Biblical Worship

               - Dr. Paul Freeman

Description: Insight into the nature of a worshiper. Various key words on worship in the English text will be examined in light of the original Hebrew and Greek. Special interests include the first worship leader, a biblical pattern for worship, and the benefits of worship.



NT224 The Book of 1st Corinthians

               - Dr. Ron Cottle

Description: The theological and moral problems dealt with by Paul in the first six chapters of First Corinthians. Topics include church divisions, lawsuits, and morality issues. The course is rich with insights from the original Greek text. 


2023 Course Schedule

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