2021 Course Schedule



Course Registration Deadline: January 25

Experiencing the Father's Embrace

             - Rev. Jack Frost

Description: This course is designed to lead you deep into Father’s presence where you can receive an experience in Father’s loving embrace and a restoration of childlike innocence and intimacy.




Course Registration Deadline: February 26

The Prophetic Church

             - Dr. Ian Bond

Description: A study of prophets and prophecy in the New Testament and today. A renewed understanding of the gift of prophecy is presented. How churches today may experience one of the Holy Spirit’s most edifying gifts while maintaining the supremacy of Scripture.




Course Registration Deadline: March 26

The Anointing: Its Nature and How to Receive It             

           - Dr. Ron Cottle

Description: A study of spiritual anointing based on Elijah and Elisha. Topics include the three winds of God, the nature of the anointing, birthing a new move of God, phases of development, the double portion anointing, and steps into the anointing.




Course Registration Deadline: April 30

The Philosophy of Worship          

               - Dr. Judson Cornwall

Description:  A study of the attitude and act of worship. The philosophy of preparation to worship, prayer in worship, and praise in worship will be discussed. The philosophy of worship in the Old and New Testaments and as actively practiced in Heaven right now will also be discussed.