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NT 113

                          - Dr. Grady McMurtry

Description: Introduction to the scientific method and a survey of the basic concepts of the biological, natural and physical sciences with related questions which confront the biblical Christian worldview. Topics include scientific creationism, theistic evolution, Mt. St. Helens, physical evidences for Noah's Flood, dinosaurs, geochronometers and the origin of the races. 




Course Registration Deadline: 

August 30

BT410 Creation: Our Foundation 2

                 - Dr. Grady McMurtry

Description: A continuation of BT305. Topics include intellectual honesty, great questions in Genesis 1-11, the ark of Noah, science in the book of Job, creation in the Psalms, 900 year-old people, the complexity of the universe and environmental issues. 



Course Registration Deadline: 

September 27

OT410 The Tabernacle of Moses

             - Dr. Ian Bond

Description: A study of the tabernacle in the wilderness. The construction of the tabernacle, the basic symbolism and significance of the materials, layout and furnishings. Emphasis is on requirements for entering the holiest of all - God's intimate, personal presence. 




Course Registration Deadline:

October 25

NT636 The Lord's Prayer

               - Dr. Ron Cottle

Description:  A study of the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray. Emphasis is placed upon the overall purpose of prayer. Each petition is analyzed for its deepest meaning and application for today. 


2023 Course Schedule

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