Course Registration Deadline:

January 26

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in the Last Days

             - Dr. John D. Shiver

Description: This course focuses on the ever-increasing manifestation and work of the Holy Spirit in the last days preceding the return of Jesus Christ. There are many wonderful resources on the person, gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit. This study draws from these, but its primary emphasis is on the urged need for the Church to cooperate with what the Holy Spirit is doing in the Church and in the earth in the last days.  

We are pleased to offer this class live with Dr. Shiver at Harvest Church.




Course Registration Deadline: February 23

The Book of Esther

             - Dr. Fushia Pickett

Description: This course illuminates the stream of revelation found in Esther. Topics include the providential care of God, understanding the crucified life, the timing of destiny, coming into the King's presence, and the plan of God for the Church.



Course Registration Deadline: 

March 30

The Believer's Authority

           - Rev. Randy Clark

Description: This course examines the unseen forces at work in the world. Particular emphasis is given to the origin of satan, his motivation for attacking God's creation, and Jesus' victory to give believers authority over him. The origin, powers and limitations of the demons are also explained.




Course Registration Deadline:

May 4

Spiritual Fathering

               - Dr. Ken Sumrall

Description:  This study reveal the importance of fathers to the home and church. It also inspires fathers, sons and daughters to assume their biblical responsibilities. It shows how God is restoring Apostolic fathers to the Church and His purposes in relation to fatherhood.


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